Ford Introduces GoRide Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service

Earlier this month, Ford revealed a new service to help patients get to and from their medical appointments in a timely manner, offering bedside-to-bedside service to more than 200 facilities across the Beaumont Health network throughout southeast Michigan.

The service allows health systems such as Beaumont to schedule and book transportation for their patients, helping to ensure that they're able to get to medical appointments safely -- as well as back to their home or residence facilities. The program makes use of properly-equipped Ford Transit vans that are driven by professionally-trained drivers and can accommodate a variety of passengers -- including elderly patients who are in wheelchairs or otherwise challenged in their mobility.

Missed appointments and scheduling problems cost the healthcare industry $150 billion every year, according to a report by SCI Solutions. Ford GoRide offers a true on-demand service that includes the ability to pre-reserve rides up to 30 days in advance, helping to remove transportation barriers for patients and provide scheduling certainty for medical providers.

There are currently 15 vehicles in the GoRide fleet, with 10 scheduled to be added soon and a total of up to 60 vehicles operating by the end of the year, servicing patients and facilities in southeastern Michigan.

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