Ford Announces Collaboration with Autonomic to Build Smarter Transportation

The future is here and Ford, a company known for its innovation, is determined to keep pace with the rapidly evolving automotive industry. On January 9th, 2018 Ford VP Rich Strader announced a team up with Autonomic, a Silicon Valley company specializing in automotive tech. The goal is to develop the Transportation Mobility Cloud, a platform that encourages communication between different vehicles.

This system would use alerts and data to help control traffic flows, monitor self-driving vehicles, and even encourage safer pickup and drop off zones for ride hailing services. This is part of a broader push to design a faster, more intelligent transportation system. Ford is happy to experiment with new transportation solutions using technology; they have also partnered with logistics company Postmates to design an autonomous delivery service, and are expanding their self-driving vehicle development.

Ford's spirit of innovation is perhaps best showcased in their model lineup year after year. The forward-thinking culture has produced such excellent new 2018 vehicles like the 2018 Ford F-150 with a redesigned aluminum body, or the 2018 Ford Mustang with its redesigned and more powerful than ever 5.0-liter V8 engine. If you are interested in learning more about Ford's excellent 2018 lineup, check out our Model Lineup Page for Ford vehicles in Berwick, PA.

We are proud to sell Ford vehicles because we believe in Ford's intelligent approach to vehicle design. Once you get behind the wheel of a Ford, you will understand why they set themselves apart from the rest of the industry.

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