Ford Research Proves That Sports Car Thrills Give You the Buzz You Need

We've always suspected it, but now we know for sure. According to collaborated research by neuroscientists and Ford designers, turbocharged and athletic vehicles provide the basis for a buzzworthy life.

Get Your Thrills with the 2018 Ford Focus RS, Mustang Convertible and More

With the help of a customized Ford Focus RS, donned with wearable and artificial intelligence technology, research was able to prove that horsepower supports your overall wellbeing. While rollercoasters produce an average of three buzz-worthy moments per ride, a quick drive achieves more than two. For a morning commute, that's pretty impressive. This ultimately reduces stress and fatigue.

At Ken Pollock Ford, we agree with the brand. Why have a boring commute when you can make it exciting, memorable and good for you? For more information on Ford sports cars, like the 2018 Focus RS or the Mustang Convertible, reach out to our sales team. We're eager to take you on an invigorating test drive.

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