Safe and Prepared All Ride Long with This List of Essential Items

Driving safely is a big responsibility but, no matter how good of a driver you may be, accidents can still occur. We here at Ken Pollock Ford hold your safety as our number-one priority and, in case something happens out on the road, we have a list of 11 essential items to have in your vehicle.

A lot of things can happen while you drive, so here's our list of items you'll definitely be glad you have if something goes awry:

  1. Car manual - has all the facts about your vehicle
  2. Jumper cables - sometimes batteries run out of juice!
  3. Small fire extinguisher - in case there's flames in your cabin, outside the vehicle, or under the hood
  4. Comfortable shoes - just in case you need to walk somewhere after a breakdown
  5. Toiletry kit - you never know when you might need some toothpaste or toilet paper!
  6. Hidden cash - if you lose your wallet, extra cash hidden in your vehicle could be a lifesaver
  7. Blanket - stay warm in case of a breakdown while it's cold outside
  8. Nonparishable snacks - water, nuts, or jerky may come in handy if you have to wait in the middle of nowhere
  9. Extra cell phone battery/external charger - just in case your phone is dead and so is your car battery
  10. First aid kit - always necessary for scraps, cuts, and abrasions
  11. Whistle - attract attention when you need it

We hope this list helps! You can even check out the video below for a visual guide on the items you might need. For everything else automotive-related, come visit us here at our Berwick, PA dealership and explore everything our new Ford model selection has to offer.



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