Five Easy Car Care Hacks for the Winter Months

While some parts of the country may be enjoying warmer weather, it's still cold and snowy here in Berwick, PA, and that weather can lead to some car-related frustrations. So, to help all of us out, the experts at Autotrader have put together a list of 5 Winter Car Care Hacks that will surely take some of the pain out of taking care of your vehicle in the winter. Here's the hacks:

  1. Mix 1 part water and 3 parts vinegar in a spray bottle for some home-made de-icer. Works great on your car's windows and mirrors!
  2. You can also use cooking spray where your car doors meet the body, helping to prevent them from freezing shut.
  3. If you have a lot of condensation in your vehicle, fill a sock with cat litter and leave it in the cabin; if you'd rather avoid the cat litter, a clean chalkboard eraser will also erase window condensation with ease.
  4. To prevent your side mirrors from frosting over, secure plastic bags over them with a rubber band when you park. Just be sure to take them off before you drive again!
  5. If your car door locks are frozen, you can loosen them up by either heating your key briefly with a lighter or putting hand sanitizer right on the lock itself.

Check out the Autotrader video below for some visuals to go along with the list. For everything else related to cars, come visit us here at our Berwick dealership and explore the lineup of new Ford models. One look around and you'll be head over heels!



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