Ford Ranger vs Ford F-150
Ford Ranger (left) vs. Ford F-150 (right)

Ford Ranger vs. Ford F-150: Which Truck Will You Choose?

Ford produces some of the best pickup trucks on the market today. When you arrive at your local Ford dealer, how do you begin to pick one? Will you select the mid-size Ford Ranger or the full-size Ford F-150 for your next truck?

Performance Comparison of the Ranger and F-150

Ford brought back its Ranger as a mid-sized pickup with a choice of crew cab or extended cab. There is only one engine. It's a 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an output of 270 horsepower. It's paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly. Ford Ranger is a standard rear-wheel drive truck but four-wheel drive is available.

While the Ranger seems straightforward, with the F-150 there's more to think about. Ford F-150's lineup features both V6 and V8 engines that take gas or diesel. You can choose either a six or 10-speed automatic transmission. You have a choice of either rear or front-wheel drive. There are several cab options like crew, extended, or regular with different bed lengths.

The transmission is the same for both trucks. Acceleration is similar for both because the Ranger is 500 pounds lighter than the F-150 using popular setups. According to Ford, the F-150 can tow up to 8,500 pounds when equipped with the turbocharged V6 engine. It can tow 1,000 pounds more than the Ranger. There are towing modes available with the transmission of both trucks. Those who tow often have more confidence in the ability of the F-150.

Consider the Ease of Parking and Steering in Your Ford Truck

When it comes to parking, these trucks are different. At around 211 inches with any cab option, the Ford Ranger fits into most garages in America. The F-150 is a different story. With the crew-cab option and a basic 5 1/2-foot bed, you'll have to park the Ford F-150 outside. When it comes to parking lots or urban areas, maneuvering might also be a challenge with F-150's width. It's almost 80 inches wide, compared to the 74-inch width of the Ranger. The Ford Ranger's steering and suspension are swift and solid, making it a spirited driving experience. The light, smooth steering of the F-150 isn't as athletic but feels right for a truck of its size.

Interior Comfort and Amenities You Can Enjoy

When it comes to space, the F-150 offers room to get comfortable in the front and back. There's enough space in the Ranger's front seat but only limited space in its rear seating positions. The dashboard of the F-150 is upscale at higher trim levels. The F-150 XLT models are more practical with an available infotainment center managed on an 8-inch touchscreen. The dashboard found in Ranger is more like that of a car when compared to F-150's more boxy design.

The interior of the standard Ranger XL models is simple and modern, with steel wheels and vinyl flooring. It does have the necessities like A/C, power locks and windows, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and some great safety technology. The XLT level of Ranger offers alloy wheels, carpeting, cruise control, chrome bumpers, and a few other upgrades. There are other options available too, like heated and powered front seats.

While F-150 offers a lot of great features, it's missing some surprising options. You can't get automatic emergency breaking with the F-150 XLT. The important safety feature is standard on Ranger. To get the feature with the F-150, you have to get the Lariat or a higher-priced package. Adaptive cruise control is available on all versions of Ford Ranger but not available with F-150 XLT.

Find Your Next Truck at Ken Pollock Ford

The choice will come down to what the buyer needs in a pickup truck. The Ranger would meet most people's needs. It's reasonably priced, a good size, and has good safety features, no matter the setup. The full-sized F-150 is the choice for those who need more from a truck. It's a powerful workhorse at a decent price on the basic side. With upgrades, it offers all the comfort and features desired in an upscale truck. Come to our Ken Pollock Ford showroom to discuss additional features and trim options for these two impressive Ford trucks.


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