Ken Pollock Ford encourages our clientele to make a service appointment online with our schedule service online tool.

For any brand and model, securing that all-important service date from the comfort of your Berwick home is supremely convenient. You'll also have the confidence that comes with a service procedure performed by Ken Pollock Ford factory-trained technicians.

All Servicing, Maintenance Done Onsite Near Berwick at Ken Pollock Ford

As a comprehensive Ford dealership, we extend servicing and maintenance across all brands and models. By doing so, our technicians need to be versed in all aspects of servicing and have the proper tools and equipment to efficiently effect any job or repair.

So, once you've secured your service appointment online, you may select from the following, most popular service procedures for a safe winter:

  • Oil changes and filter replacements enhance fuel economy and provide fresh engine oil for parts' lubrication.
  • Brake systems often see extreme wear with parts of rotors, pads and calipers becoming corroded quickly.
  • Tire servicing encompasses rotations, pressure checks, and tread and sidewall inspections. And tire replacements are handled with ease.
  • Vehicle battery tests either confirm the vitality of your battery or signal battery replacement.
  • Engine and cabin air filter inspections seek to identify filters in need of replacement for better air quality all around.
  • Wiper blades are examined for sharpness and installed as necessary.
  • Systems of steering, brakes and wipers require fresh and full fluid levels for optimal performance.
  • Headlamps and taillights might need a bulb replacement or casing fix.

The service procedures above may be performed on any make and model at Ken Pollock Ford, as well as other repairs deemed pressing.

Ken Pollock Ford – Offering Service Scheduling Online For Our Berwick Clientele

Make your service appointment online and experience a streamlined process towards maintaining your prized vehicle.

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