Only the Best Featured Used Vehicles at a Hot Price at Ken Pollock Ford

If you are looking to purchase a great used vehicle for an even greater price, you have stumbled upon the right place.

At Ken Pollock Ford in Berwick, we have handpicked a selection of discounted used car specials, from Ford and a variety of other popular brands. With all these amazing featured used vehicle options to choose from, you'd better act fast!

Why Choose to Buy Used

For many, the thought of purchasing a used vehicle feels uncomfortable, to say the least. Many feel as though they might get "found out" or may feel subconsciously less than if they aren't riding in the newest model available on the market.

While we at Ken Pollock Ford aren't in the business of telling you what you should and should not do, we at least want you to be able to make informed decisions on how best to spend your hard-earned cash. Here are a couple of the major reasons we think buying used is worth the investment:

  • It Will Be Hard to Detect- While this will depend largely on the make, model, and year you choose, many newer used car models on the market today are hard to detect as being "old". Some that are only a year or two older than the newest release may even look virtually identical. As such, many may have a hard time differentiating between your used ride and a brand new one.
  • It Will Likely Be a Vehicle You Can Rely On- Thinking a used car must let you down at some point or another? Indeed, buying a higher mileage vehicle as opposed to a new one can shorten the duration of the ownership of your vehicle, however, as many contemporary automotive is topping out at 200,000 miles and over, it may be safe to say that your next used vehicle might be willing to stick around a little longer than you may have originally thought.

To conclude, many used vehicles on the market today are well-worth your time, effort, and energy. As such, we are happy to offer our featured brands and models at an amazing deal at Ken Pollock Ford. Please note that these change every month, so be sure to check back often! Call or visit to set up a test drive, today!